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This is such great news! I signed with Jill Marsal, with Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. I am so impressed with her, and know that I have found a wonderful home for my stories. Stay tuned for more news. I’m working my little fingers to the bone!



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Love and Writing

I guess my second favorite thing in the world (use your imagination) is writing. Well, I think being a mother is too, except when they were little, it was more like a war zone. Without the sanity I gained from reading good books during those years of raising 4,  I’m sure I would not be a full time writer today. I always seemed to have them in pairs, not quite twins, but two in diapers at one time and loved it so much the first time, I did it again.

So back to writing. A great cup of coffee early in the morning, watching the California fog stubbornly hold on, helping the grape growers in Sonoma County, or worrying them when it’s too damp or wet, I let my muse fly. I write a lot every day, usually over 1000 words, but many days I get inspired and write much more. And then there are the marathons where I stay up all night. I do this not because I have to, but because I love to.

Most my adult life I have done all the right things, and mostly for other people. But those were my priorities, and still are. Except now is my time. I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I was a little girl and used to write prayers for Sunday School class that made my teacher cry (and made the class moan when she read them).

I’m moved by stories of transformation, redemption (not in the strictly religious sense) and the healing power of love. I think it’s fascinating why and how people do things. I love to study the choices people make, who they choose to partner with.

It’s a wonderful journey. Not all peaches and cream, misty mornings when everything is right with the world. I know there’s another disaster out there just waiting around the corner. Something in the real world that will challenge me to hold on to my beliefs in the Happily Ever After and the power of true love. But there are enough days, like this morning, when it is all worth it. And if those battles don’t show up in real life, well then, I can always create them in my stories.

Thanks for following me.


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