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Fredo's Dream: SEAL Brotherhood: Fredo
Fredo’s Dream: SEAL Brotherhood: Fredo by Sharon Hamilton
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Wow! This was an amazing story! I loved it. This is a wonderfully written story.

“Fredo’s Dream: SEAL Brotherhood: Fredo” by Sharon Hamilton is Fredo and Mia’s story.

Fredo discovered that he cannot father a child but has not shared this information with his wife, Mia. Mia wants to have Fredo’s baby so bad. He doesn’t want to break her heart. Mia and Fredo are so much in love but due to circumstances and twists their love is tested to it’s limits.

This story incorporates an emotional and steamy romance with showing how the military sacrifices so much for our country. I loved how the “brothers” and their families all supported each other and created a unique family unit. Coop was a great friend to Fredo and loved their friendship.

This is an excellent read. FYI…

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10 Favorite Novels of 2012.

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Want to know the secret to success? Quitting. Yes, you heard me correctly. And, if you’re a creative professional, it is in your interest to learn to get really good at quitting. Maybe you’ve felt like a loser or a failure, that your dream to make a living with your art was a fool’s errand.

Maybe, if you are anything like me, just maybe you had friends and family and people around you telling you that you were a dreamer, that you needed to get your head out of the clouds and to let go of your “magic beans” and learn to be something practical that made a good paycheck and came with dental benefits. Maybe, in an effort to counteract all this negativity, you found yourself wandering the inspiration books in Half Price Bookstore (namely because you were too broke to buy books full-price). And maybe, just maybe…

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Choosing Our Path–Genre Matters.

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Loving to Edit?

Don’t know why it is ten times harder for me to edit than to write the first time. I think it has to do with training. Part of the training and skill we develop as writers. Contrary to popular opinion, writing a romance novel is far from easy!

That said, it is wonderful to see a story that you love, glow brighter, and that’s the way I’ve started looking at editing. Diana Gabaldon once told me, “I love the editing process. I get to polish all those jewels, make them sparkle, stand out.” Great advice.

I get distracted with other stories, so maintain a tabbed notebook and have almost a dozen other things I plot or jot down so I don’t forget them later. Funny how when I come back to them, what I wrote actually looks like someone else did it. Had no idea so much gets forgotten. And sometimes just thumbing through the pages of other story ideas will give me an idea when I’m stumped on a particular edit for a scene or chapter, or character trait.

I also get solutions to problems if I go to bed with it in my head, imagine the scene that’s not working and look at the “knot” – the best way I can describe the problem I’m working on – and dream on it. I’ve actually sat up in bed sometimes in the middle of the night with a startling solution. And most times, I have a good idea, even with dialogue and sensory details, all worked out for me in the morning.

Morning still is my best time for writing, mostly because it’s quiet–at least until the roosters start to crow, about 6 am. I have one old guy who crows whenever I turn a light on, just reminding me he’s still there, doing his job. If I get up sometimes to work on my computer at 2 or 3 am, he’ll crow to let me know he’ll watch for the sun, so I can concentrate on my writing!

Often thought about writing about vampire chickens. Nah, that would be too out in left field, not that my family doesn’t wonder sometimes…

The wonderful people at Smith Magazine had a pregnancy contest early last year and my 100 word essay was one of three winners. My story is being printed on pickle labels as we speak. I’m setting up jar signings now at a local cooking store.

Who knew? And it’s a true story, too. About the birth of our first.